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Laravel is a website/web App development platform with powerful and simple syntax which certainly makes website development process much faster, simpler, and more delightful for programmers by removing all of the stress related to working with complicated PHP code.

Advance Features

The Advance Features in Laravel Framework

MVC Architecture 

MVC structure has built-in functions that programmers may utilise to their advantage while developing your web application. In addition, as comparing to certain other PHP frameworks, MVC design delivers greater documentation, improved efficiency, and a plethora of built-in functions.

Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM in Laravel provides web builders with a basic ActiveRecord solution that simplifies and shortens database interactions. It allows to write database queries in PHP syntax and eliminates the requirement to write or understand SQL in order to update or alter databases.

Ready to Enhance Your Laravel Framework Capabilities?

Laravel- PHP framework provides a pleasant development process that significantly improves typical tasks that are employed in most online applications.

Course For Beginners

This course is specifically created for students who want to start a career as a Laravel Developer and are eager to master the fundamentals of this framework.

  • Back End Developers
  • Web App Developers
  • Secure Coders 
  • Introduction to Laravel and installation
  • Database (CRUD) and Login forms
  • Data Linkage
  • Difference b/w V(5.0 and 8)
  • Sessions, Authorizations, Middleware and controllers
  • Templating and Views
  • Introduction Building of API with Laravel

Course For Professionals

This course is designed specifically for professionals who want to become full stack developers.

  • Full Stack Developer
  • Laravel Developer
  • Introduction to Development of Laravel Framework in Community
  • Package Development
  •  TDD & Dusk
  • Advanced Error/Exception Managing and Preventing
  • Advanced Eloquent and DB Operations
  • Case Study: (CRM/ERP)

The training courses were really informative, and the trainer was extremely cooperative both during and after the online Q&A sessions.

Ivan, CRP Sol

While I was working on my case study to design a web application, I received wonderful support from the Sectechs team. Thank you, Sectechs!!!

Sophie , STR Corp.

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