Make website using PHP

See How PHP works


This Course Is Specifically Created for

  • Secure Web Developers
  • Back End Developer
  • ECommerce Web Developer
  • Web App Developer

Create a website using integrations


1. Front End

HTML is a markup language which is used to produce digital documents (called pages) which are found worldwide Web. Each site has a sequence of linkages to certain other sites known as hyperlinks.


2. Design

CSS is a language for describing repeatable styles for displaying markup-language texts. A same CSS file may be connected to several pages, allowing a developer to update the look of all the sites at once.


3. Responsive

Bootstrap is a platform for creating and constructing web front ends. A web developer may construct responsive, mobile sites that are functional with a broad range of devices and browsers by using Bootstrap’s pre-configured HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components.


4. Functional

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that enables web designers to put coding into existing web pages. JavaScript is the most used programming language nowadays, and it is typically embedded in an HTML or ASP file and runs immediately from the web page.


5. Back End

PHP is an interpreted server-side scripting language. It was created for the purpose of developing dynamic web pages and web pages that function well with databases.

Course Modules

  • Fundamentals of PHP Language
  • Data Types and Control Structures
  • Custom and Built-in Functions
  • CRUD Functions
  • OOP in PHP
  • Project#1: Cart/Online Store
  • Project#2:  CRM
  • Framework: Introduction to Laravel
  • Case Study: Social Media/ Web Apps
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