Microsoft IIS

Internet Information Services (IIS) is a Microsoft adaptable, general-purpose web server which operates on Windows Systems to provide required Web pages or data. An IIS web server takes requests from distant client Computers and responds accordingly. This fundamental technology enables web servers to exchange and distribute information over LANs such as intranets and WANs such as the Internet. A web server may transmit information to the users in a variety of ways, including static HTML-coded webpages, file transactions such as downloading and uploading, and text documents, picture files, and more.

Mobile Friendly

We may utilize ASP.NET to design mobile-friendly online applications that are simple to use and setup, as well as responsive.

C Sharp

C# has the capability to facilitate contemporary application development. C# allows you to create practically any type of software. Console apps, desktop applications, native apps, Windows services, web services and web apps, Ai technologies, cloud – based services, Iot – based, videogames, and reused library are just a few examples. C# provides a wide range of capabilities and frameworks, that are all supported by Microsoft.

Static Pages

Dynamic Pages

Responsive Site

Secured Website

Course Modules

1- Introduction to IIS

2- C# in Action

3- OOP and MVC Concepts

4- Security in C#

5- Visual Studio (Source Control)

6- Project (ECommerce)

This course includes all of the compiler and programming language (C#) coursework needed to construct and publish a web/web app.

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