Red Teaming

Red teaming is the combative process of relentlessly criticizing plans, procedures, procedures, and preconceptions. A red team can be a contractual independent party or an internal group that employs techniques to foster an outsider viewpoint.

Web App Penetration Testing with Black-box techniques, identifying major vulnerabilities in websites that lead to the execution of code or the disclosure of confidential information. Websites are the public interface of a business, therefore keeping them up to date and testing them on a regular basis is critical to maintaining the company’s credibility.
As a vulnerability scanning technique, Mobile Application Penetration Testing Methodology examines secure perimeters in a mobile context. It is developed from the conventional idea of applications security approach, with a primary focus on consumer security and a general emphasis on putting the end-user in charge.
Every server has an operating system running that allows it to execute numerous functions and collaborate with other servers to provide services. A vulnerability in the server or a susceptible software running on the server might compromise the whole organization’s infrastructure. The red team offers to fix significant vulnerabilities and keep the system in a protected zone.
Routers and AP (Access points) play an essential role in device communication. There are some algorithms and procedures that must be followed by each device to ensure communication is established. Some algorithms become obsolete over time and are subject to new environments that may be exploited.
Testing IoT devices used within an organization’s premises, as well as digital locks to safeguard data centres and server rooms, is an essential component of cyber security. Because of the rise in AI, robotics, and IoT devices that utilise networks (wireless/wired), physical penetration testing is becoming increasingly important in red teaming.

Red Team Operations

Sectechs provides Red Team Security Testing for enterprises, which includes all of the key modules (5), which can be increased based on the needs of the company. The majority of the work done during red team operations is black box penetration testing.

“Sectechs team start testing from phase 1 and make it to phase 5 of penetration testing”

The purpose of doing Red Team operations is to ensure that the company is not compromised and will not be compromised by any attack, as well as to determine if the business is adhering to security requirements for risk and threat assessments.

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