About Sectechs

SECTECHS was established in 2017 on the foundation of providing the greatest cyber security trainings and services to the world in order to handle and comprehend improvements in cyber security and also the implementation of secure environments in based on the end point protection and networking. Cyber Security is a wide concern, which is why SECTECHS provided a variety of trainings in the domain of cyber security to comprehend each subdomain in great depth. The major moto of SECTECHS throughout trainings is “Yes, you can chase the hackers,” but before and afterwards, candidates must think like attackers in order to chase them and comprehend their thinking. We assist candidates in understanding their (hackers’) possible reasoning and working styles. SECTECHS are acronyms for security technologies. As the world becomes more digital, the necessity for cyber security has increased.


All of SECTECHS’s trainings are instructor-led and available in-person or online. SECTECHS does not record or give training sessions in the form of videos, but we do supply updated subject material in the form of documents or binaries throughout the training. Users are permitted to record sessions during trainings if they so choose however, only a few trainings are restricted from being recorded. SECTECHS updates training curriculum after a few months to give learners with the most up-to-date knowledge and technology. All trainings are unique and designed only by the SECTECHS team. Training is provided in groups and one-on-one sessions, and it is arranged accordingly. We supply all of the associated information/links and executable material needed to finish the training, as well as fundamental content to cover any prerequisites that may exist.

Practical During Training Session 80%
Theory in Training 20%


Cyber Security Services Offered by Sectechs

SECTECHS provides a variety of unique services to its clients, consumers, and stakeholders. We mostly provide cyber security services. Except for that, we also provide services in the production of new and advanced technologies, such as IoT and AI. All of our services are personalized to the demands of our customers and may be modified as a single or many projects. We deploy central mainframe structure on cloud/on-premise as requested by the customer and provide all support until the services are deployed by SECTECHS. We also take responsibility for maintaining patches and updating services on time in accordance with the Terms & Conditions specified in the contract.

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