A router is a piece of hardware that links two or more packet-switched networks or subnetworks. Its principal duties are to manage traffic across these networks by forwarding packets towards its appropriate IP addresses and to enables numerous machines to use the same Internet access.

Wired Router

A wired router links to PCs direct via wired connections. They have a port for connecting a modem to the internet.

Wireless Router

It functions similarly to a wired router, except instead of cables, it uses wireless radio waves to communicate inside and across network settings.

Core Router

A core router is a router that is meant to function at the core of the Internet. It must also be compatible with the routing protocols used for the core.

Edge Router

An edge router is a customized router situated at an interconnection point that connects an intranet to public network. Mostly it is only one within the organization.

About Course

This course covers all of the fundamental to advanced networking principles, including conventional routing and SDN routing processes. This course includes network simulation and emulation with numerous router models that use the same/different protocols.

This course is for

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Designer
  • System Administrator
  • Network Auditor

System Requirements

  • Core i5 (Ryzen 3, Apple Silicon M1) or above
  • 8 GB RAM Minimum
  • 200 GB Free HDD
  • Supports Virtualization Technology
  • GPU Recommended

Course Modules

Conventional Routing

  • Introduction to Network Fundamentals (OSI Model vs TCP/IP Model)
  • Introducing Virtualization Protocols and Techniques
  • Designing BGP Routing and Redundancy
  • Route Control
  • Advanced Features Switches
  • Deploying Proxy Services
  • VPN and IPsec Fundamentals
  • Network Infrastructure Protection

SDN Routing

  • Difference Between Traditional Networking & SDN
  • Overview of SDN Controllers
  • Implementation of SDN in VMware NSX
  • RYU Controller and Programming
  • Mininet Wi-Fi
  • POX Controller as Load Balancer

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