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Considering Cyber Security to be a strategy rather than a domain. Everything is connected to the others, and in the age of cyber devices and IoT, most devices work collaboratively with one another to help users through using their cyber space to protect that cyber space in which digital devices are connected to one another, Sectechs offers a variety of Cyber Security Training courses and services.

Ethical Hacking

A permitted endeavour to obtain unauthorized access to a computer system, software, or data is referred to as ethical hacking. Redoing the methods and activities of harmful hackers is part of conducting out an ethical hack. This technique aids in the detection of security breaches, which may subsequently be addressed before a malicious hacker can exploit them. They can also called white hat hackers.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a way of ensuring organizational security standards and existing security breaches. Penetration testers exploit vulnerabilities to determine how important they are and how to patch them. Manual or automated technologies are often used in penetration testing to systematically compromises. PenTests are divided into multiple phases and domains to ensure the quality of test and ensure the vulnerabilities types.

Exploit Development

Malicious code creation for open source and proprietary software and operating systems. Exploit development is the ability to analyze unseen vulnerabilities using analyzers to understand the internals of programs and manipulate them to achieve a specified goal. Even with maximum security mitigations and a limited set of instructions and space, an attacker can still manipulate your kernel and breach security.

Bug Bounty

A bug bounty program is for prize or bounty program that is offered for discovering and disclosing a bug in a specialized software application. Many IT firms provide bug bounties in order to promote successful quality management and increase involvement with end users and customers. Companies that run bug bounty projects might just get dozens of alerts, including security issues and vulnerabilities, and many of individuals who disclose those bugs may be rewarded.

Malware Analysis

Malware analysis involves the study of determining the intent and conduct of a suspected program or Link. The analysis’s result assists in the detection and prevention of a possible danger. It is the method of exploring how malware works and any potential consequences of a specific virus. Malicious codes can vary greatly, and it’s critical to understand that malware can perform a wide range of functions. Viruses, worms, spyware, and Trojan horses are among examples.


The technique of turning regular plain text into incomprehensible text and vice versa is known as cryptography. It is a means of storing and sending data in a certain format so that all who are supposed to read and interpret it may do so. Not only can crypto safeguard data from being stolen or tampering, but it may also be used it for authentication process. Cryptography is utilised in a wide range of applications, including financial transactions, credit cards, password protection.

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