Network Switching

Switches connect network segments, enabling full-duplex communication, vital network performance data, and effective network capacity use.

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When data has been lost, a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Error occurs. CRC checks packets of information provided by devices by calculating from all data and comparing them to the data extracted, verifying their correctness.



Managed Switches

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Unmanaged Switches

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A network switch is a device that passes data packets across devices. Switches transfer packets directly to devices rather than to networks, as routers do.



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Course Modules

  • Introduction to switching (Packet Tracer, eNSP and GNS3)
  • Configurating Unmanaged Managed and Smart Switches
  • Understanding VLAN and its configurations 
  • Switches for Basic LAN’s and Enterprises 
  • SDN Switches and their configurations 
  • Introduction to Switching Protocols and their implementations