Django is in our DNA


Django is a high-level Python web app framework that allows for the quick building of online applications. It does this with a realistic, considerably clearer architecture that is also simple to use. exercitation.


Django is used by many multinational corporations (MNCs) throughout the world, and it is implemented flawlessly. It is the finest illustration of Django’s scalability. Scalability refers to the extent or extent at which our technologies may be implemented. Django is designed for more complex projects. Django is designed from the ground up by experienced developers, without the use of any preexisting Python libraries other than those contributed by the programmers.

About Course

This course is designed specifically for those who want to learn about the Python web development framework (Django) and pursue web development as a career. It will cover all of the basics and fundamentals of Django, from beginning to advanced level.

View is indeed the user interface of a web application and includes components such as HTML, CSS, and other frontend capabilities

Model is the component of the web app that serves as a bridge between the website interface and the database

Templates refers to the presentation layer that manages the presentation logic in the framework and essentially controls

       Course Modules

  • Basics of Python
  • Introduction and Installation
  • Fundamentals of MTV
  • Introduction to TDD
  • Models, Migrations and Admin
  • API Deployment 
  • Data & Models
  • URLs and Views
  • Search + Pagination
  • Django Template Language
  • Project: ECommerce/Web App
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