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It is process of organizing, conceiving, and structuring material for use on the internet Nowadays, webdesign extends beyond appearances to incorporate the complete operation of the website.


Speed up your website by utilizing basic coding and customized code that has a positive influence on the client when viewing the website. As the web load on the client side is decreased, more users will visit and remain on the site.


Secure the website by applying suitable validations in programming/scripting languages and managing proper cookies and sessions to ensure client data is safe and secure.


The web must manage higher load and client requests with exceptions from the front end and secure development under suitable standardization.

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Course Modules

  • Introduction to HTML 5
  • Difference b/w HTML 4 & 5
  • Validations with HTML
  • Tags in Action
  • Introduction to CSS 3
  • inline external and internal CSS
  • Z-Index
  • ID, Classes, Properties
  • Layouts
  • Advancements in CSS
  • Responsive CSS
  • Introduction to Bootstrap 5
  • Linking and Grid System
  • Nav Bars & Forms
  • Project #1: Landing Pages
  • Project #2: Business Website
  • Overview (Servers and their Functionalities)
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