Sectechs provides several domain trainings to help you fine-tune your skill set. The information provided during the trainings is acquired after thorough market research and observation of industry trends. The training content is drawn entirely from real-world events and exercises.

Cyber Security

The whole collection of Cyber Security Trainings covers all five phases of penetration testing, from information collecting to trace clearing, and includes both automated and manual testing phases.

Web Development

Writing PHP secure coding, implementing different frameworks i.e. Django, Laravel, ASP.NET, WordPress. Development of Customized websites including image processing and advance JavaScripting included in training set.


Creating secure networks on emulators/simulators and on live router environments development of complex and advance networking techniques used in today’s world i.e. in SDN. Deploying the appropriate and helpful equipment.

Why we need Cyber Security?

Every individual in the digital era is directly or indirectly connected to a digital device, therefore it is critical to safeguard each gadget in cyberspace. The majority of ICS (Industrial Control Systems) and data centers now operate on an IoT platform. Sectechs provide cyber security training to understand the implications of vulnerability and secure the environment as functionality improves. The world is growing more vulnerable and complex as it becomes more digitalized. Computer system and internet is essential needs of human but it comes with hidden truths that can be only revealed by knowing behind the picture.

Your company's website serves as its public face.

Development of a beautiful and safe website is a difficult task. As more capabilities and functions are added to a website, it becomes more fragile and insecure. The skill of building a secure and attractive website is essential in today’s society.

Connecting with secure communication channels 

Network architecture is critical for securing and ensuring traffic continuity with minimal disturbance. The development of effective and efficient networks inside a company can help the business to grow.


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