Who we are

SECTECHS, a cyber security corporation created in 2017, conducts the majority of its business in cyber security trainings, products, and services globally. SECTECHS© has reserved all rights.


All the Comments are off by default

Making any comments without the consent of the administrator, or commenting after being rejected by the administrator, would be considered an infraction.

Except for forums, SECTECHS prohibits (individuals, groups, or companies) from making any sort of comment to SECTECHS (Pages, Blogs, Media) or any item directly linked with organization on website.

Who we share your data with

We DO NOT SHARE OUR Customers DATA WITH THIRD PARTIES, our clients privacy is  the utmost importance to us, and we take care of that for them.

What rights you have over your data

If the person is a client/student/customer of SECTECHS, they can ask to modify its name/address/email or contact information at any time. After SECTECHS processes the request, the user can edit their data that is held by our organization.




All trainings (Videos, PDFs, TXT, DOCX, Binaries) or materials supplied to candidates during training sessions are solely owned by SECTECHS and are the exclusive property of the organization. If a user displays/publishes/shares with any individual/company/group or on the internet, it will be deemed illegal, and the person who is responsible will face significant financial penalties, and SECTECHS will have entire authority to file a complaint against the person who is accountable. This marks the end of the applicant’s association with SECTECHS, and the person would no longer be eligible to join in any training.

The SECTECHS team will analyze the matter, and if the person is found responsible, all of the penalties listed above will apply.


Our company created a specialized project in which new and advanced hardware may be necessary at times, which can be traded internationally. SECTECHS will do all setups and programming, and customers are responsible for delivering the equipment to the organization physically or through parcels, or the client can make delivery straight to the organization’s location. Technology and software used in projects might be licensed for for usage or for free.


SECTECHS built cyber security solutions and unique toolkits for their clients and communities. All binaries and coding written in the application are the sole property of the organization, and users have no right to alter or transfer it to any other person or organization.