Encryption is a method of protecting digital information by employing one or more mathematical algorithms, as well as a password or “key” used to decipher the data.


Symmetric encryption is the process of encryption that uses just one key (a private key) to encrypt and decode digital data.


Asymmetric encryption, frequently referred as public key encryption, is a newer approach than symmetric encryption. To secure plain text, asymmetric encryption employs key pair. Secret keys are sent and received over the Internet or a big network.

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography is a method that secures the deployment of symmetrical encryption keys by utilising quantum mechanics. It is more accurately known as quantum key distribution (QKD). It transmits photons, or “quantum particle” of light, via an optical connection.


This Course is For

Course Modules (Professional)

» Introduction to Cryptography
» Fundamentals of Hashing
» Theory of Symmetric and Asymmetric Ciphers
» Implementing Different Types of Encryption (AES, DES, RSA) into Applications (HTTPS ‘SSL/TLS’, File Integrity/Drive), Wi-Fi (WPA2/WPA)
» Development of Ciphers via python
» Bypassing Symmetric Ciphers
» Methodologies used for Steganography

Course Modules (Expert)

» Introduction to Lightweight Cryptography
» Bypassing Encryption Methodologies used by Microcontrollers
» Development of Asymmetric cipher via python
» Poisoning RSA
» Vulnerable Web Cryptography API
» Introduction to Quantum Cryptography
» CASE STUDY: Deploy quantum algorithm(s) for Application(s)

Perquisites (Professional)

  • Basic Understanding of Encryption
  • Understanding of programming languages (Python, C/C++)
  • Good in Mathematics

Perquisites (Expert)

  • Strong Grip on Languages (Python, JavaScript and C/C++)
  • Hardware Level Understanding of Chips and Microcontrollers
  • Strong Knowledge of Ciphers and their working

Course For (Professional)

  • Penetration Testers
  • Bug Hunters
  • Security Auditors

Course For (Expert)

  • Cyber Security Professionals
  • Security Managers
  • CISO’s
  • Reverse Engineers

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