Linux Application Development

Linux is a free and open-source operating system (OS). An operating system is the software that actually handles the hardware and services of a system, such as the Processor, ram, and disk. The operating system (OS) lies among programs and architecture, connecting all of your programs to the actual resources that do the job. The Linux operating system powers one of the world’s most popular platforms, Android. 

About Course

This course is developed specifically for individuals who want to learn about Linux application development and troubleshoot issues in order to get efficient outcomes and performance

Course Modules

  • Introduction to C/C++ and Bash Programming Language
  • Introduction to Kernel and it’s Working with implementation via programming Language (File Operations, Advanced I/O, Process Management, Virtual Memory Processes, Memory Allocation, Process Programming, Process Monitoring, Advance Process Programming Concepts)
  • Performing System Administration and Network Services
  • Implementation of CLI based Applications (ZSH ) and GUI Based (Zenity)
  • Cron Jobs, Task Automation and Scheduling 
  • System Programming (Kernels vs Docker, System Calls, Logging, Device Driver Coding, Linux Kernel Compiling)
  • Deploying Application in Linux Environment  using C/C++ Language
  • Debugging of Application and Kernel (GNU Debugger, KGDB)
  • Project 1: Deployment of Application on different arch of Linux (32 and 64 bits)
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