iOS Application Development

iOS development has a promising future since iOS is the most popular platform for Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability and connectivity. Furthermore, only iOS is being used to construct futuristic home automation apps.

About Course

This course contains all of the topics needed to progress from a fundamental understanding of iOS application development to an advanced level of development, including industry level projects and case studies that will explain candidates how things function in a real-world scenario

This Course is For

  • iOS Application Developers
  • iOS App Analysts
  • Swift Language Programmers

System Requirements

  • Mac Book (or laptop with Virtualization Technology and VMware)
  • 100 GB Free HDD/SSD
  • Recommended iPhone 6s or above as Physical Device

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Xcode and Swift Programming Language
  • Design and Style of UI
  • Introduction to control flows
  • Managing Code
  • Sideloading and API
  • Understanding MVC
  • Managing Databases and phone memory
  • Debugging and Testing applications
  • Get Analytics using App Annie
  • Project: Social Media Application 
  • Case Study: Deployment of IoT based Application
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